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Carbonerro Pro Series 75 Uncut Fixed Shaft - 75sq Inch Blade

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Pro Series 75 Uncut Fixed Shaft  - 75sq Inch Blade

Our 100% carbon fiber paddles are beautifully constructed with an elongated ten-degree teardrop blade, smooth drawn out dihedral spine, and reinforced ABS edge. The sub-laminated graphics will ensure that your paddle will hold up and look great over time. Our U.S.A. made carbon fiber shafts are tested to achieve the highest standards of strength to weight ratio to any other paddle on the market.

This combination of blade and shaft evenly distributes the energy from your body to the blade allowing for a smoother transition without compromising performance or sacrificing your body to stress and fatigue.

Pro Series 75

This paddle has become extremely popular for smaller framed athletes, older surfers, and individuals suffering from shoulder injuries. It's faster, smoother, easier and overall a more comfortable stroke; allowing for less stress on the body and more fun on the water! A blade width of 7.50", it's the best choice for paddlers between 80 - 160lbs


  • Weight Uncut: 16oz
  • Length Uncut: 85" with handle
  • Handle: Carbon Palm Grip
  • Blade Surface Area: 75 sq. in.
  • Blade Width: 7.50"
  • Blade Reinforcement: ABS Edge
  • Blade Angle: 10°